Natural Mosquito Repellent

My big batch of Catnip tincture which is the base of my all-natural mosquito repellent!!

I was sitting outside next to my pond and realized that the pesky mosquitoes were out and about  and swarming all around me.  I headed straight inside and grabbed my all-natural Bug-Away-Spray.  I received this recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs and it is a very effective and natural alternative to the potentially unsafe commercial repellents.  The main ingredient is Catnip tincture (cats love it, mosquitoes hate it!).  I started a big batch of it over 6 weeks ago.  If you don't want to make your own Catnip tincture, you can find it at your local health food store or at Mountain Rose Herbs.  I have a great tutorial on how to make your own tinctures HERE.  Another important ingredient in the Bug-Away-Spray is Witch Hazel Extract. 

During the month of May 2012, Mountain Rose Herbs is offering their popular Witch Hazel Extract for 25% off.  Unlike commercial Witch Hazel extracts which contain more alcohol than actual Witch Hazel, and having only been distilled once; the one Mountain Rose Herbs offer leads in both quality and potency. Enjoy this true Witch Hazel extract which has been double distilled in only a 14% alcohol base. Contains 86% Witch Hazel Extract and 14% grain alcohol. Head over to Mountain Rose Herbs and choose from 3 different sizes.  

Bug-Away Spray 
(recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs)

4 ounces catnip tincture
4 ounces witch hazel extract
80 drops organic citronella essential oil
80 drops organic eucalyptus essential oil
40 drops organic lavender essential oil
20 drops organic rosemary essential oil
10 drops organic lemongrass essential oil
10 drops organic lemon essential oil

Mix all ingredients in an 8-ounce spray bottle and shake well before each use.  Re-apply as often as needed.

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