Well, darlings, I'd love to tell you that I woke up one day with the knowledge of all things botanical, oil-based, and DIY skincare, downloaded into my brain Matrix-style. But alas, real life is not quite like the movies. 

You see, my journey into the realm of natural beauty began when I was just a tiny tot. My mother, bless her, was basically a woodland fairy, darting through forests to harvest wild herbs and berries. She was the original eco-chic, crafting most of my childhood paraphernalia with her own two hands. I was practically raised on a diet of canning, gardening, fruit and veg harvesting, and herbal remedies.

And yes, before you ask, I did try to learn crocheting and knitting too, but let's just say, those needles and I never quite saw eye to eye (pun intended!).

Fast forward a few decades, and my love affair with Mother Nature continues. I'm still smitten with all the gifts she has to offer. And boy, does she know how to spoil us! I mean, who knew that she was hiding an entire pharmacy in her green, leafy bosom?

My thirst for knowledge is as unquenchable as a camel in a desert. I read voraciously and attend classes like they're going out of style. Many of my favorite page-turners are all about crafting homemade natural beauty products. 

So, there you have it, my journey from a wide-eyed child to a self-proclaimed natural beauty enthusiast. And remember, the path to knowledge is a never-ending one, so let's keep walking (or reading, in my case)!