Conditioning Beard Oil

Is your man's mug rug more Sahara than lush oasis? Is his dapper beard hiding a patch of skin that’s as dry and itchy as a desert cactus? Well, ladies and gents, I have a solution that's so good, it'll make his beard sing praises! Whip up this Conditioning Beard Oil, with an aroma that's as earthy and woodsy as a lumberjack who moonlights as a park ranger.

This magic potion is brewed with fast-absorbing Argan and Jojoba oil. It's like a spa day for his beard and the parched land beneath. Not only will his skin feel like it's been vacationing in the tropics, but his beard will be softer and more manageable than a well-trained puppy. And no, it won't make his beard look like it just finished a marathon in the hot sun, all greasy and sweaty. 

A few drops of this manly elixir is all it takes - it's stronger than a superhero's punch. The perfect time for application? Before bed when even his beard is ready to hit the hay and after shower, when it's as fresh as a daisy. So, let's turn that beard from scratchy to suave, shall we?

Conditioning Beard Oil
15 ml Argan Oil
15 ml Jojoba Oil
7 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
4 drops Cardamom Essential Oil
4 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
3 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients into a one-ounce amber dropper bottle.  You can print the label below to attach to your jar. 

Print out this label and attach to your dropper bottle.