Calendula-Plantain-Nettle Infused Simple Salve

I realized I had a little bit of two infused oils I made a few months ago in my fridge that needed to be used up soon.  A good friend of mine mentioned she had developed dry chapped hands from the cold weather we have been experiencing the past week, so I decided to make her a small pot of Calendula-Plantain-Nettle Infused Simple Salve.  This recipe is very simple to make and is soothing and healing for dry skin.  It was ready in less than five minutes!!! This is a thinner salve than I normally make and is very easy to rub in the skin.

Calendula-Plantain-Nettle Infused Simple Salve
15 ml Calendula infused oil (click here to learn how to make it)
15 ml Nettle & Plantain infused oil (click here to learn how to make it)
4 grams beeswax
1 gram Vitamin E Oil

Place all ingredients except the Vitamin E in a glass measuring cup set on a canning ring in a simmering water bath.  Gently stir with a sterile spoon until the beeswax is melted.  Remove from heat, stir in the Vitamin E Oil and transfer to a small pot or tin container.  Use within 3 months. This recipe easily doubles and triples.

Quickly pour salve into a container to harden.
Your skin is going to love this green goop!!!

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