Comfrey Infused Oil

I just made a fresh batch of Comfrey Infused Grapeseed Oil to be used in my salve, cream and lotion recipes.  I like to apply the salve to acne scars and inflamed skin rashes.  The magic of Comfrey is from the active component contained in the leaf and root called allantoin which helps to boost the production of new skin cells.  In fact it works so fast that you should NEVER use it on open wounds, dirty wounds or broken skin.  You should only apply it to areas that have already scabbed over. Never take the oil internally.  I made my infused oil with a combo of the Comfrey leaves and root (Symphytum officinale) and grapeseed oil. 

You can buy both the dried root and dried leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs.  If you want to grow your own Comfrey, Mountain Rose Herbs offers Comfrey Seeds.

 You need 1 ounce of both the dried Comfrey Leaf and Comfrey Root.  Grind both into a fine powder.

Want them already powdered? Mountain Rose Herbs offers them already ground.
Add the ground herb into a sterile canning jar.  Add your carrier oil of choice to within 1/4-inch from the top of the jar. You need to stir the air bubbles out of the jar and make sure all the herb is saturated with oil.

You can buy carrier oils at Mountain Rose Herbs. I like to use grapeseed or olive oil.
 Make sure you print or write a label for your jar!!!!
It takes about 6 weeks and daily shaking to properly infuse.

In the winter months, I place the jar over a heater vent for 6 weeks.  In the warmer months of the year, I place the jar in a brown paper bag and leave it in a sunny window.  After 6 weeks of infusing, strain the oil from the spent herb and store in a sterile jar kept in either the freezer or fridge.  Stay tuned for beauty recipes using the infused oil. 

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