Vegan Coconut Oil Solid Foundation

Lush has recently introduced a really awesome solid foundation called Slap Stick. It is not available in the USA as of yet, but I can't wait for it to arrive! You can learn more about the Slap Stick Foundation from LUSH (here).

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The ingredients of the LUSH Slap Stick Foundation include the following (found on the website):

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Oh, the wonders of curiosity! My mind, fueled by a thirst for knowledge and adventure, pondered whether I could recreate a marvel within the confines of my humble kitchen. With determination in my heart, I delved into the depths of research, unearthing the secrets of the renowned LUSH Slap Stick foundation.

A revelation awaited me - the LUSH masterpiece boasted a composition of 45% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and 14% Pigment. Armed with this knowledge, I embarked on a daring quest to decipher the remaining ingredients, relying on nothing but my intuition and a sprinkle of educated guesswork.

While LUSH dipped their foundation disc in a cloak of enigmatic black wax, encased within a sturdy cardboard box, I craved something equally captivating. The path I chose led me to an ingenious solution - the vessel for my creation would be none other than an empty EOS Lip Balm sphere. Oh, the brilliance of it all!

As the foundation melted into a liquid symphony, I poured it delicately into the awaiting EOS sphere, watching as it settled with a grace akin to magic. The result? A portable marvel, a compact masterpiece that could effortlessly find its place within any makeup clutch. Touch-ups throughout the day would no longer be a hassle; with a simple pop, the hidden treasure would be revealed.

Now, here's a word of caution, my fellow adventurers in the realm of beauty - while the LUSH Slap Stick Foundation boasts a generous 30 grams, my humble recipe shall yield enough to fill a mere quarter-ounce container. Fear not, for all is not lost! Should your desires yearn for more, simply double the recipe and let two empty EOS lip balm spheres bask in the glory of your creation.

Thus, my tale ends, but the possibilities remain endless. With a touch of curiosity, a dash of resourcefulness, and a sprinkle of creativity, one can unlock the secrets of beauty in the most unexpected of places. So, my dear friends, let us embark on this enchanting journey together, embracing the joy of experimentation, and crafting our own cosmetic wonders.

You will need an empty and sanitized EOS Lip Balm sphere that has had all three parts separated. See photo above.

For my foundation formula, you will need the following ingredients:

4.5 grams Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1.0 grams Candelilla Wax
0.2 grams Glycerine
0.7 grams Jojoba Oil
0.8 grams Sunflower Wax
0.4 grams Argan Oil
0.3 grans Cetyl Alcohol
0.5 grams Silica Microspheres
1.2 grams Titanium Dioxide
Red, Brown, Black and Yellow Liquid Iron Oxides (I get mine from TKB Trading)

Melt together the coconut oil, candelilla wax, sunflower wax, Jojoba oil, argan oil, cetyl alcohol and glycerine. I placed my glass beaker in a few inches of simmering water for about 10 minutes to fully melt.

Blend in the silica microspheres and the titanium dioxide. Stir until it is smooth.

Time to customize the foundation to match YOUR own unique skin shade! Most people will start with yellow and then add varying amounts of red, brown and/or black.

I like to squeeze a few drops of all four pigments into a small weigh boat and using a toothpick, add a tiny amount at a time and then blend it thoroughly to see how close I am to my skin tone. Trust me, adding a full drop from the pigment bottle will often times be too much! Lighter shades will use mostly yellow with a tiny bit of red and a smidge of brown or black. Medium skin tones will use mostly yellow with a little red, some brown and some black. Darker skin tones will start with yellow, add a bit of red and a moderate amount of brown and some black. You really just have to do it little by little to create your unique match. My advice is to start slow and have a gentle hand when adding the pigments. Easy to add and impossible to remove!

Looks about right. This is my shade! I placed my beaker back in the simmering water to warm up and become totally liquid again.

Place these two parts together. (see photo above)

Pour the hot liquid into the container. (see photo above)

Place the remaining plastic base into the other two parts.

Allow the foundation to cool at room temp and harden. Remove the lid to reveal the solid foundation.

A little goes along way. Some oilier skin-types may find that due to the 45% coconut oil, a light dusting of setting powder can be used for best results.



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