Perfect Pressed Powder

I made Perfect Pressed Powder today! I am wearing it in the photo above. I applied my moisturizer and used a buffer brush to swirl the powder into my skin. Really lovely texture!

To start you will need to add the following ingredients into a makeup-only coffee bean grinder. If you are new to my blog, a "makeup only coffee bean grinder" simply means that you only use it for making cosmetics and not grinding spices and/or coffee.

**time to put your dust mask on!
5.3 grams Sericite Mica
2.3 grams Rice Powder
0.5 grams Silica Microspheres
0.5 grams Magnesium Stearate
0.6 grams Titanium Dioxide
0.15 grams Yellow Iron Oxide
0.04 grams Orange Iron Oxide
0.03 grams Brown Iron Oxide
0.01 grams Red Iron Oxide
*****your perfect shade may require more or less of the iron oxides that I used. Start slow and go up in small 0.01 gram increments.

Place the ingredients into your grinder and grind for about 45 seconds.

This is the perfect shade for my light with yellow undertone skin.

I used 0.2 grams of Leucidal Liquid PT to preserve the product. I just sprayed it over the powder and gave it another 30 second grind.

I used 0.5 grams of squalane and 0.6 grams of 190 proof vodka to moisten the powder and get it ready for pressing. I added it into the grinder and turned it on for about 30 seconds.

You will get the texture of moist sand when it is ready to press.

You will need an empty pressing tin, a pressing tile, a pressing tamper and an empty compact.

Fill the pan up with a layer and spread out evenly. Place the pressing tile over the powder and press with the tamping tool.

Pack it in firmly by applying pressure to the pressing disc.

Pop it into the compact and you are ready to rock and roll!

In the photo above, I only have on moisturizer and the pressed powder. I also have on my homemade brow wax, cheek blush and lip gloss.