Long Wear Brow Wax

Oh, prepare yourselves for a truly tragic tale, my dear friends, for I must confess a heartbreaking reality - my eyebrows, or lack thereof, are a sight to behold! Picture, if you will, the faintest, most delicate wisps of brow hair, as light as a feather and as sparse as a deserted island. Oh, the plight of my feeble arches!

But fret not, my fellow adventurers in the land of beauty, for I have discovered a secret weapon in my arsenal - the legendary DIY Long Wear Brow Wax! With its mystical powers, my brows are transformed from lackluster to luscious, from pitiful to perfect. It has become an essential part of my daily routine, a ritual of utmost importance.

Imagine this, my friends: a world where I must choose between moisturizing my skin or tending to my brows. Oh, the dilemmas we face in life! But fear not, for I shall not leave the comforts of my humble abode without, at the very least, my brows done. The world may wait, but my brows shall not!

Now, let me regale you with the wonders of this DIY Long Wear Brow Wax. Its magical formula ensures that my brows stay put, defying the forces of smudges and fading throughout the day. It is a battle cry against unruly hairs, a declaration that my brows shall not be tamed by the winds of mediocrity. With each stroke, I shape and sculpt my arches, transforming them into a masterpiece that would make even the finest artists weep with envy.

So, my fellow adventurers in the realm of beauty, let us embrace the power of the DIY Long Wear Brow Wax! Let it be the knight in shining armor for our brow woes, rescuing us from the depths of brow despair. Moisturize your skin, adorn your brows with love, and venture forth into the world with confidence. For even in the face of eyebrow adversity, we shall conquer and emerge victorious, raising our arches high for all to behold. Let us embark on this comedic journey, my friends, and let our brows be the source of laughter, intrigue, and eyebrow-raising tales!

See! I told you my eyebrows are almost non-existent! Here I am without a stitch of makeup on.

Here are my eyebrows after using my DIY Long Wear Brow Wax. Not only does it tint them a beautiful rich brown, it tames them too.

My formula is very thick and waxy and stays put all day long.

Add the following ingredients into a small glass beaker.......

3 grams Stearic Acid
2 grams Cera Bellina (use beeswax if needed)
2.5 grams Castor Oil
0.5 grams Cetyl Alcohol

Place the beaker into a few inches of simmering water until fully melted.

I have seen some DIY recipes that use only straight iron oxides like brown and/or black. I find this to be very boring and the product does not offer much depth. I like to use a base iron oxide such as brown and add in some sericite mica and a few pretty mica blends. For my medium brown eye brow wax, I chose to use TKB Trading's Espresso, Moonstone Mica and Brown Oxide. 

You will need 1 gram of brown oxide, 0.3 grams of Espresso blend, 0.2 grams of Moonstone Mica blend and 0.2 grams of Sericite Mica. You will need to grind these together. I use this small grinder to fully grind the pigments. 

See how beautiful this color grind turned out!

Once your wax mix is fully melted, turn off the heat but keep the beaker in the hot water.

Add your color grind into the melted wax.

Spend about 5 minutes to fully blend the pigment into the melted wax base. You want to make sure there are no clumps at the bottom.

I like to use a small glass pot with a lid to store the eyebrow wax in.

Carefully pour the hot wax into your container and allow to cool and harden at room temp.

I use a small flat brush to apply to my eyebrows.

Here it is swatched on my wrist in natural light.

Super quick to apply and stays put all day long! For best results, clean your brush after each use.