DIY Holographic Highlighter

 My fascination with the dazzling holographic highlighters at Sephora has inspired a creative quest of my own. Today, my beauty laboratory (otherwise known as my kitchen!) has become the birthplace of my own spectacular version.

I am utterly delighted with the result, a concoction that mirrors the cosmic allure of Milk Makeup's Supernova. Bathed in a shimmering lavender hue, this homemade highlighter is a testament to beauty alchemy at its finest!

Here it is swatched on my arm in natural sunlight. Love this!!!

Start with 2 grams of distilled water in a beaker. Place in a simmering water bath to heat.

I used 0.8 grams of emulsifying was, 0.8 grams of sunflower wax and 0.8 grams of brassica glycerides. Place in another glass beaker.

To the waxes, add in 2.5 grams coconut oil and 1.4 grams of triglyceride. Heat this mixture to 160 degrees in a simmering water bath.

I used a magical blend of TKB Blue Diamond, Hilite Violet and Jill mica blends. I used 0.6 grams of Hilite Violet, 0.3 grams of Blue Diamond and 0.3 grams of Jill. These mica powders made an awesome holographic blend.

What a gorgeous mound of sparkles!!!

You can buy these powders at

Add the mica powders into the melted oil/wax mixture and stir well. Return the beaker to the hot water to warm and liquify.

Slowly pour the water into the oil and mix for about 5 minutes to thicken. You want something like thick cream.

I preserved this with 0.4 grams of Leucidal SF Max and AMTicide Coconut preservatives. Mix these two in after the mixture cools to around 100 degrees. Transfer to a small 10 ml glass container.

A little goes a long way!