DIY Watt's Up Gleam Stick

Once upon a time, my absolute infatuation was none other than Benefit's Watt's Up soft focus highlighter. Picture a dreamy champagne glimmer stick that bathes your face in a tender, twinkling shimmer.

Naturally, the tinkerer in me couldn't resist the temptation of crafting a DIY version in the heart of my home - the kitchen. The result? A strikingly close resemblance! My rendition leans slightly towards a pinkish champagne hue, but given the clandestine nature of Benefit's original formula, it was a game of trial and error until I achieved a similar concoction. With a heart brimming with anticipation, I can't wait to unveil my bespoke recipe to you.

Here is my DIY version swatched on my wrist. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Start out with 6 grams of Squalane Olive Oil in a clean glass beaker.

Add in 0.6 grams of lauryl laurate.

Add in 0.5 grams of cetyl alcohol.

Add in 0.6 grams of sunflower wax.

Once all ingredients are added into the glass beaker, start a simmering water bath.

Place the glass beaker into the simmering water to melt.

Weigh out 1.2 grams of TKB Extender White (mica and titanium dioxide).

You need 1 gram of TKB Cinnamon Sugar mineral pigment and 0.3 grams of TKB Dusty Rose Mica mineral pigment. The two of these pigments combined make almost the exact color of Watt's Up. I requested a small sample of the Watt's Up so I could color match.

Blend the Extender White, Cinnamon Sugar and Dusty Rose Mica with a mortar and pestle until blended.

Add this powder into the melted squalane/wax mixture. Stir well to break up chunks of pigment.

I used the jumbo lip balm container that holds 1/2 ounce. I had to roll the tube up a bit as my product is only 10 ml and there was too much space left over. I like the larger tube versus the small 0.15 ounce lip balm containers.

Carefully pour the hot melted liquid into the tube and allow to cool and harden at room temp.

Apply to your face and brow bones to highlight your gorgeous features. Blend in for a shear and beautiful glow!