Suki Suki Massage Oil

Just in time for Valentine's Day, folks! Got a special someone you want to rub the right way? Look no further! I've whipped up a massage oil that's so sensual and romantic, it'll turn even the most ordinary date night into a scene from a steamy romance novel.

The stars of this love potion are Jojoba Oil and Kukui Nut Oil – why? Because they absorb into the skin faster than your lover can say, "Oh la la!" To add to the magic, I've mixed in five drop-dead gorgeous essential oils known for their aphrodisiac and comforting properties. It's like a love sonnet in a bottle!

We've got Rose Otto and Jasmine Absolute, who are like the leading lady and man in this love story, Ylang Ylang playing the best friend with a secret crush, Sandalwood as the wise mentor, and Red Mandarin Essential Oils providing the comic relief. 

Both the Rose and Jasmine were already mingling with Jojoba Oil when I bought them, which is a fantastic and wallet-friendly way to enjoy their company, given that they are like the A-list celebrities of essential oils – high maintenance and expensive when undiluted. 

This massage oil is a dreamy, amorous blend of skin-loving oils and heady essential oils. It's like a love letter to your skin, promising a night of romance and dreams. So, ready to set the mood?

I picked up these adorable bottles from a local craft store.  I bought 18 of them for only $5.99 after my coupons and the in-store discount.  What a steal!!!

Each bottle holds about 2 ounces and comes with a cute little cork top. I love these!!!

I printed out a decorative label and applied a few heart stickers to make it a bit more special. 

The label fit perfectly on the little bottle. 

Here is the label I printed from the computer. I used the Martha Stewart brown kraft labels with the Avery Template #72428. 

Lets get started making this recipe.  I used Jojoba Oil and Kukui Nut Oil, but feel free to use whatever oil you have at home that does not have a strong aroma like coconut or sesame. Sweet almond oil would be an excellent choice.

Suki Suki Massage Oil
45 ml of Kukui Nut Oil 
15 ml of Jojoba Oil
15 drops of Rose Otto (diluted in Jojoba Oil or 2 drops if using pure absolute)
15 drops of Jasmine Absolute (diluted in Jojoba Oil for 2 drops if using pure absolute)
5 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
5 drops Red Mandarin Essential Oil
8 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

I found the Rose Otto in jojoba oil from Aura Cacia and the Jasmine Absolute in jojoba oil from Zenith Supplies in Seattle. Each blend contains about 9% essential oil or absolute.

Add the oils into the bottle using a funnel.

Measure in the essential oils.

Gently stir to mix. Place the lid on and allow to sit overnight to harmonize.

Enjoy & Green Blessings!!


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