Lavender Harvest Buttercream for Face, Hands & Body

As we step into the enchanting realm of 2013, my dear friends, I have a treat in store for you. Picture this: a beauty recipe that's pure decadence, a symphony of richness, creaminess, and a harmonious balance for your mind and spirit. Are you ready? Allow me to present to you my Lavender Harvest Buttercream for Face, Hands & Body. Get ready to indulge in luxury!

This divine concoction is no ordinary cream, my friends. It's a lusciously thick, velvety dream that caresses your skin with the tenderest touch. And oh, the fragrance! We've infused it with a heavenly blend of Lavender, Lavandin, and Spike Lavender essential oils. Can you imagine the sensory bliss that awaits you?

Now, here's where the magic happens. Take a dollop of this Lavender Harvest Buttercream and let it glide over your body with grace. Feel the creaminess seep into your skin, leaving it nourished and glowing. Or, if you prefer, adorn your face and hands with this divine potion. It's like a tranquil oasis for your skin, restoring balance and radiance.

Prepare yourself, my friends, for a moisturizing experience like no other. This buttercream is a true delight, embracing your senses and leaving you feeling like royalty. It's a luxurious ritual you'll fall head over heels for.

So, my fellow beauty enthusiasts, get ready to bask in the pure indulgence of Lavender Harvest Buttercream. Let its silky texture and captivating scent transport you to a realm of serenity and self-care. Embrace the decadence, for you deserve nothing less. Enjoy the journey, my darlings!

I used vegetable glycerine, shea butter, aloe vera gel, kukui nut oil, white beeswax, stearic acid, Lavender Harvest Essential Oil blend and vitamin E oil in my recipe.  I chose the sun bleached beeswax in order to keep the color white and I thickened it up a bit with some stearic acid.  Shea butter and kukui nut oil have a high penetrability and extreme soothing properties.  Both are particularly wonderful for dry skin!!

Lets get started making this recipe.....

Lavender Harvest Buttercream for Face, Hands & Body
56 grams Aloe Vera Gel
26 grams Vegetable Glycerine
72 grams Kukui Nut Oil
42 grams Shea Butter
10 grams Beeswax
7 grams Stearic Acid
2 ml Vitamin E Oil
50 drops Lavender Harvest Essential Oil Blend (or Lavender Essential Oil)

Weigh out the glycerine and aloe vera gel into a small glass measuring cup.  Measure out the shea butter, kukui nut oil, stearic acid and beeswax into a larger glass measuring cup.  

 Heat both cups in a simmering water bath until the wax and oil are fully melted (about 150 degrees) and the aloe vera and glycerine mixture heat up to about 120 degrees, turn off the heat but keep the measuring cup in the hot water.  Allow the oil and wax mixture to cool down to 120 degrees so that both phases are the same temperature.  

Start mixing the oil and wax phase on low with a hand held mixer and slowly trickle in the aloe vera and glycerine until it is all added.  Turn the speed up on the mixer to medium-high and blend for 5 minutes.  

After about five minutes, you will notice the texture will start to thicken up.  Keep mixing for another 10 minutes.  


Add in the essential oil and vitamin E oil.  Mix for a few minutes more. 

 I found this wonderful Lavender Harvest Essential Oil blend from Aura Cacia. It cost me right around $11.00.

The buttercream will be pourable and should be placed in a sterile 4 ounce container.  Transfer to the refrigerator for several hours to finish thickening up.

After several hours in the refrigerator, the buttercream becomes thick and super rich.  A little goes a long way and makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized.  There are no preservatives in this recipe so I suggest you keep the container in the fridge and refill a small 1/2 ounce container to use within a few days or so.

Enjoy & Green Blessings!!!


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