Bright Idea Pure Perfume

As you can see in the photo below, I have A LOT of essential oils and I love blending them together into pure perfumes for myself and my friends.  I came up with a new blend that I call "Bright Idea".  Don't ask me why I call it this, it is just the name that popped into my mind and it stuck.  This perfume blend is dry, spicy, woody, musky, tenacious, and sweetly balsamic.  It is great for both ladies and gentlemen. When applied, it opens with a fresh and sweet camphoraceous note and then dries down to a very sweet and soft earthy-woody smell.  I love this!!!

Yes, I am an essential oil junkie.  I can't help myself! I don't even try to help myself! The good thing is that my house smells amazing because I am constantly blending them in my essential oil diffuser and filling my home with their healing properties.  I have yet to throw an essential oil away because it got too old and I did not use it in time.  I use my beloved essential oils almost daily and in most of my beauty recipes.

The opening note in my "Bright Idea" Pure Perfume is fresh, sweet and camphoraceous thanks to my green girl Myrtle.  I love Myrtle so much.  This essential oil is considered an emblem of love, myrtle branches have been used in wedding ceremonies and is a very "grounding" scent.

The middle notes are comprised of Clary Sage which is dry, musky and a bittersweet floral, Spruce which is a pleasing fresh-balsamic and Black Pepper which is dry, spicy, woody and sharp.

The base notes are comprised of Patchouli which is earthy, smoky, spicy and musky, Cedarwood Virginia which is soft, woody and balsamic and Sandalwood which is also soft and woody and very tenacious.

I use 190 proof Vodka in my recipe, but you can use Jojoba oil if you like.

Bright Idea Pure Perfume

10 ml 190 proof Vodka (or Jojoba Oil)
7 drops Green Myrtle Essential Oil
5 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
4 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
3 drops Spruce Essential Oil
4 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
2 drops Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil
1 drop Patchouli Essential Oil

Place the Vodka into a 15 ml roller perfume bottle.  Add in the essential oils.  Shake well and allow the blend to harmonize for at least one week (shaking daily) for best results.

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