Mailbag Question About Measurments

I have been getting several emails per day asking me why I don't write my recipes using standard US measurements such as ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons and cups.  Several folks have mentioned that they don't quite understand what a gram of something looks like or how to measure that out.  When I create my beauty recipes, I measure everything (even liquids) on a measuring scale using grams.  Trust me, it is a lot easier to say 5 grams of an ingredient instead of listing it as 0.17637 ounces.  Lets say I used 2 milliliters of essential oil, that would convert to 0.40576827 teaspoons, now that would be hard to measure out.

The best advise I can offer is to invest in a kitchen scale.  I have three different ones that I use and can recommend.

The one shown above  is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display. It retails around $50.00.  I like that it can measure in 1-gram increments for great accuracy.  It can measure up to 11 pounds.

The one shown above is the WeighMax 5KG/11LB Digital Multifunctional Kitchen Scale. It displays ounces/lbs/grams/kgs: graduation .05oz/1 gram.  It is usually on sale at Amazon for right around $13.00.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Kamenstein scale from Costco for only $10.97 (it was on sale).  It is very similar to the other ones that I own but I could not pass up such a good deal (wink wink).

Not ready to purchase a kitchen scale, no worries! Here are a few resources I found online that will prove to be helpful.

Click HERE to be taken to for Grams to Ounces 

Click HERE to be taken to for Ounces to Grams

Click HERE to be taken to or Milliliters to Teaspoons.

I hope these resources prove to be helpful to you when crafting your beauty recipes.  Cheers & Green Blessings!