Getting Ready to Play Outdoors!

We are less than a month away from Spring! I noticed my Hyacinth flowers are in their early bud stage.  This is a big deal for me! When I see the Hyacinth and Daffodils starting to wake up, my mind quickly starts daydreaming about my upcoming herbal wildcrafting trips, spending time at my lake house, camping and gorging on all the delicious goodies at the many Farmers' Markets near my house.  I certainly hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.  I have created a collection of Outdoor Essentials that you can craft and carry with you while you enjoy playing outside.

Part of my first aid kit for Summer is a batch of my handcrafted Camper's Salve.  This salve contains organic extra virgin olive oil that has been infused with Burdock Root, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile, Chickweed, Goldenseal, Nettle, Oregon Grape Root, Plantain, Thyme and Yarrow.  I then thicken it with a bit of beeswax and add in Lavender, Tea Tree and Myrrh essential oils.  My family and I love to camp in the Olympic Peninsula and we usually get some type of bump, bite or boo-boo. A little bit of this soothing salve helps immediately!!  I don't leave home without this salve! I hope you enjoy making it as much as I do. Click Here to be taken to my recipe!

Last Summer I  tweaked the formula for my All-Natural Bug Repellent based on the research I did on the formulas of a few other all-natural brands.  This new formula works just as well and I made eight bottles for my family and friends.  The main part of the formula that changed is the essential oil blend.  I looked at what a few companies added to their formulas and decided to base my recipe on theirs.  I ended up with 6.5% Citronella, 1.7% Peppermint, 1.5% Cedarwood Virginia, 1% Eucalyptus, 1% Litsea Cubeba, 1% Lemongrass and 0.2% Geranium. Last year I tested it out and the mosquitoes would buzz close to me, but did not land on me.  I did not get one single bite that night. Start this recipe early so you can make the catnip tincture in time for Summer! Click HERE to be taken to my recipe!

Kloss's Liniment
I go through a lot of this liniment that I learned how to make from Rosemary Gladstar's book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.  According to Rosemary, This is a very old, very strong recipe, and it's one of the finest disinfectant remedies you'll ever have on hand. First concocted by that famous old herbalist Dr. Jethro Kloss, this liniment is useful for reducing inflammation of the muscles, cleansing wounds, and soothing insect bites.  I am going to show you how to make this recipe using herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Get all the powdered herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs
 Kloss's Liniment
1 ounce echinacea powder
1/4 ounce organically grown goldenseal powder
3/4 ounce Oregon grape root powder
1 ounce myrrh powder
1/4 ounce cayenne powder
1 pint rubbing alcohol

The original recipe calls for 1 ounce of goldenseal powder, but you should be aware that goldenseal is in serious danger due to overharvesting.  Wild goldenseal is now so rare that the herb is listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Goldenseal is one of the most overharvested herbs. More than 60 million goldenseal plants are picked each year without being replaced.  This is why I choose to only add in 1/4 ounce of goldenseal and add in 3/4 ounce of Oregon grape root which is another berberine-containing plant and is a useful and viable alternative to goldenseal.

Add all the powdered herbs into a glass jar and cover with 1 pint of rubbing alcohol. Stir well to moisten the herbs with alcohol and remove any air bubbles. Since this recipe uses rubbing alcohol, you will need to clearly label this for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Cover the jar with a tight fitting lid and let it sit for 4 weeks (shake it daily).  After 4 weeks, strain and rebottle.

Did you know that making your own hand sanitizer is pretty darn' tootin' easy? The secret is to have at least 60% alcohol.  I like to mix two different proof Vodkas and add in some proven "bacteria busting" essential oils. Click HERE to be taken to my recipe!!

Goddess Garden Sunscreen from Mountain Rose Herbs
Now made with 92% organic ingredients! This SPF 30 all natural sunscreen is sheer, non-greasy, and easy to apply so you can use it every day. The non-whitening water resistant formula protects and nourishes your skin without any harsh chemicals. Gentle enough to use on kids yet effective enough to protect the whole family providing UVA and UVB coverage. Make sure your skin is protected from the sun no matter where you go! You can order this from Mountain Rose Herbs. Click HERE!

Have a ton of fun this Spring and Summer!!


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