"Reclaimed" Rose Cologne

I use a lot of Rose Otto Essential Oil and it is one darn' tootin' EXPENSIVE ingredient.  I pay $32 per ml or about one dollar PER DROP  for the stuff. Did you know that it takes about 40 roses to produce that one drop?  I save up my empty bottles because each bottle has a tiny amount of essential oil coating the inside of the bottle and lid (if your bottle smells like roses, there is still some inside!!). You see, Rosa damascena (Rose Otto) has a high amount of rose wax which causes a thin layer to remain behind. I use 75.5% Grain Alcohol to remove the little bit that remains and then dilute it with some Rose Water to make a very delightful Rose Cologne. It is not too strong, but rather "just right".  It has a faint amount of rose essence that lasts for several hours.  I usually make it in a 1/2 ounce glass roller ball applicator.  HINT: place your empty containers with the lids tightly closed in a small bowl of hot water to help melt the rose wax. The more empty bottles you have, the stronger the rose aroma.  You may never go through three bottles, so you can use more Rose Water instead of Vodka if you like. 

Even a single empty bottle will deliver enough "reclaimed" essential oil to create a lovely cologne.

Fresh-Picked Beauty's "Reclaimed" Rose Cologne

1 part 75% Grain Alcohol
1 part Rose Water
empty Rose Otto Essential Oil bottles

Place the grain alcohol into the bottles and shake very well.  Pour into your roller ball container.  Place the Rose Water into the empty bottles and shake very well, pour into the roller ball container.  You may notice that your cologne has little "floaters" in it...don't worry, it is just the solidified rose wax.  I simply warm up the bottle by rubbing it between my warm hands for a few moments and then shake well before applying.