Galbanum & Manuka Honey Egg White Face Mask

So there I was, cruising the grocery store aisles when I spotted a tub of dried egg whites on sale. I know, I know, most people would think "meringue" or "soufflĂ©", but not this skincare junkie. Nope, I saw that tub and thought "face mask!" 

Now, who would have thought that eggs are not just for breakfast, but also for pore-tightening and drawing out impurities from your skin? It's like the Incredible Hulk of beauty treatments! I slap it on, let it dry, and voila! My pores shrink faster than a guilty husband when his wife finds a suspicious text.

I usually add in some active Manuka Honey (because who doesn't want to smother their face in sticky sweetness) and hydrosol. This time, I mixed in some newly purchased Galbanum Essential Oil. Because, why not?

Slather a thin layer of this concoction on your face and neck, let it dry for about 30 minutes - perfect time for a Netflix episode - then rinse with warm water. Your face will feel so wonderful, you'll think you've had a facial from a unicorn. 

I usually go for a three-day egg fest with this mask, and this recipe will give you enough to do just that. Enjoy, my egg-faced compadres!

 Simply measure 8 grams of dried powdered egg white into a small bowl.

Next, measure in 10 grams of Orange Blossom hydrosol (or your favorite). Whisk to combine into a smooth paste.

Add in 5 grams of Manuka Honey (or your favorite local honey). Mix well.

Finally, add in 10 drops of Galbanum Essential Oil. Mix well.  Using a foundation brush, apply a thin layer to clean dry skin.  Allow to dry completely (about 30 minutes). Rinse with warm water.  Avoid eyes, nose and mouth. 

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