Zu Zu's Face Cream for Combo Skin

My daughter, Zu Zu, is really enjoying the soothing and balancing skin benefits from this homespun  face cream I whipped up for her.  The majority of the water phase is Witch Hazel Extract which has astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, making it wonderful for applying to blemishes and pimples and is beneficial for both blemish-prone and combo skin.  Just so you know, Witch Hazel Extract is distilled from the twigs and bark of the Witch Hazel tree.  I use Mountain Rose Herbs Witch Hazel Extract which only contains 14.5% ethyl alcohol and is USP grade and has been double distilled and contains 86% Witch Hazel.  I find Mountain Rose Herbs Witch Hazel more soothing than the brand sold at my local drug store.

I also added in a bit of Calendula hydrosol which is very beneficial for  the skin.  I chose Hazelnut and Jojoba oil for the oil phase since both of these carrier oils are excellent for oily/combo skin.  Hazelnut oil is well known for its astringent qualities and is easily absorbed into the skin.  The essential oils are all wonderful for acne-prone skin and provide a delicious herbal essence to the cream.  My recipe makes just about 2 ounces and is mildly preserved with grapefruit seed extract.  As always, only use sterile equipment, do not use your fingers to retrieve the product and make sure you use within 60 days.  Enjoy!!!!

Zu Zu's Face Cream for Combo Skin
20 grams Witch Hazel
15 grams Calendula Hydrosol
10 grams Hazelnut Oil
10 grams Jojoba Oil
6 grams Emulsifying Wax NF
2 grams Stearic Acid
2 grams Lecithin (liquid)
1.25 grams Grapefruit Seed Extract
6 drops Lavender essential oil
2 drops Rosemary essential oil
1 drops Red Thyme essential oil
3 drops Tea Tree Oil
2 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

Bring a 3-inch water bath to a simmer over medium-low heat in a large pot. Add the Witch Hazel Extract and Calendula Hydrosol into a glass measuring cup and sit it in the water bath to warm.  Add the Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid and Lecithin to another glass measuring cup and sit it in the water bath.  Once the oil/wax mixture heats to 165, turn off the heat.  Make sure that both the water phase and the oil/wax phase are within 5 degrees of each other and pour the water phase into the oil/wax phase.  With a blender stick or a handheld whisk, mix them together on low speed until they begin to thicken and cool to 100 degrees.  Once cooled, add in the Grapefruit Seed Extract and Essential Oils.  Store in a sterile container.

The mixture will be thin and runny while it is hot, but as soon as it begins to cool, it will thicken up nicely.

Grapefruit Seed Extract will mildly preserve the product, but care must be taken not to introduce "creepy crawlies" into the cream.  Never use your fingers to retrieve the product!!! I use a clean wooden stick.

Once the cream has thickened up, transfer to a sterile container. I like these amber colored glass jars which are reusable and can be sterilized in the dishwasher or boiling water.

There you have it......Zu Zu's Face Cream for Combo Skin.  I hope you enjoy this beauty recipe.  I would love to hear from you if you make this. Let me know how it worked out for you.  Green Blessings!!!

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