Stearic Acid

photo from Mountain Rose Herbs
You will notice that I use the ingredient Stearic Acid (Palm Stearic Flakes) to help emulsify and thicken my lotion recipes.  I buy my Stearic Acid from Mountain Rose Herbs. Here is a bit more information about this ingredient from Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs Stearic Acid is 100% Palm derived, with no added chemicals, emulsifiers or other agents and is presented in the form of convenient 1/8-1/4 inch flakes.  Popularly used to emulsify, thicken, bind, and stabilize lotions and creams, Stearic Acid has become the number one choice for most body care manufacturers.  Stearic Acid occurs naturally in vegetable and animal fats, but has to go through a Hydrogenation process to convert it to the end product which is currently bought and sold as the Stearic Acid we have all come to know.  Stearic Acid is fairly insoluble in water but can become somewhat soluble in alcohol.  It stores well under most conditions, with an indefinite shelf life.  Stearic Acid is successfully used to thicken creams and lotions at about 2-5%.  

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