Key Lime Pie Body Scrub

My favored dessert is a gigantic slice of freshly made Key Lime Pie made with a brown sugar crust.  I put together this body scrub to smell exactly like Key Lime Pie.  You are going to BE IN LOVE WITH this beauty recipe!!!

This recipe made enough to fill three 8-ounce jelly jars.  

You will need.......

9 ounces Sweet Almond Oil (substitute your favorite!)
100 grams of coconut oil (about three heaping tablespoons)
2 cups packed dark brown sugar
1 cup white sugar

Gently heat the oil and coconut oil in a glass measuring cup set in a double boiler until the coconut oil is fully melted. Remove from heat, add in the essential oils.  Place both the sugars in a large bowl and pour the oil mixture over the sugars. Mix well and immediately fill your jars and cap with the lids. Use within three months. Caution is advised when using in the bath and shower as those surfaces may become slippery from the oils. 

Fresh-Picked Beauty's Key Lime Pie Body Scrub. Delicious!!!

Make a decorative label listing the ingredients and use by date for your jars.
Here is the label I created on my computer and then printed it on recycle Kraft paper. I cut out a shape to fit my jar, ran it through my sticker maker machine and attached it to my jar.  Feel free to copy my label if you would like.  

As always, I like to let you know that you can find your ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs!!!.  

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin