Shelf Life Of Homemade Beauty Recipes

The homespun beauty recipes found on Fresh-Picked Beauty are meant to be enjoyed fresh and in a timely manner. Some recipes last a week in the fridge and others stay fresh for several months.  Many of the recipes call for the addition of one or more natural preservatives such as tee tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, thyme essential oil and D-Alpha Tocopheral Acetate (Vitamin E).  These natural ingredients offer mild protection from spoilage and help keep your beauty product fresh and germ-free.  You can further help extend the shelf life of your products by following a few simple rules:

1. Always start off with sanitized equipment, counters and hands.  Sanitize your heat-proof glass jars, lids and utensils in a water bath.  I normally spritz my utensils down with alcohol or vodka before I begin crafting my products.  A spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol is great to use during the process as you may need to spray a utensil or even your hands.

2.  It is best to store your products in air-tight containers such as pumps or spray bottles if possible.  I also like to use dark or amber colored containers.  Never use your fingers to retrieve the product-this is just a germ-fest waiting to start! Use a cotton bud or clean spoon instead.

3.  Storing your product in the refrigerator will help it last longer.  I realize this is not always possible (who enjoys rubbing ice cold body lotion on themselves during winter..wink wink!). Keep your products in a dark and cool place and out of the warm and steamy bathroom for longer lasting products.

4.  If any of your products start to look, feel or smell strange (i.e mold, pink stuff, purple stuff, or any other "stuff" growing in the product) throw them away. "When in doubt....throw it out"!!

5.  Always apply a label to your product that clearly states what is in the container and when you should use it by.