Dark Ale Hair Massage Elixir

Fancy turning your hair care routine into a happy hour? Say hello to our Dark Ale Hair Elixir! It's a frothy blend of 8 ounces of dark ale beer (yes, you read that right), a couple dollops of meadowfoam seed oil, and a cocktail of cardamom and neroli essential oils. Give it a good ol' shake until everything's blended, like a smooth dance routine. Pour it over your shampooed locks, massage it in like you mean it, and let it soak until your hair is dry. You can then strut your stuff with your newly pampered tresses, or give it another shampoo rinse if you fancy. Cheers to fabulous hair!

8 ounces  Dark Ale Beer

Add all ingredients into a container and shake well to blend.  Pour over shampooed hair and massage into hair and scalp. Allow elixir to remain on scalp until hair has dried.  You can either style as usual or shampoo if desired.