Glossy and Sheer Lipstick Base

Through meticulous trial and error, I've crafted the ultimate formula for creating sheer, glossy lipsticks. By adding pigments and dyes to this lustrous base, you can create a kaleidoscope of hues that are subtly transparent, silky smooth, and brilliantly glossy. This luxurious blend delivers unparalleled comfort for your lips.

60% Triglyceride
2% Silica Microspheres
6% Ceresine Wax
12% Cera Bellina
2% Laural Laurate
1% Sunflower Wax
6% Carnauba Wax
5% Vitamin E Oil
6% Castor Oil

Heat all ingredients in a glass beaker until all waxes are melted. Add in your pigments and colorants. Pour into your lipstick molds or lip balm containers.