Color Correcting Pressed Powder

Here is a tutorial on how to make a color correcting pressed powder. I had wanted to make this for a long time and kept brainstorming on how to actually make it work. It has a lot of steps involved but is fun and totally worth it. This powder is beautiful and gives your complexion a radiant glow. Use a light fluffy brush and just tap a little bit of the multi-tinted poweder onto your face and gently buff it in.

You will be making four individual tinted powders that will be pressed together in the pan. I used Pearl White, Ultramarine Pink, Ultramarine Blue and Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green. I bought these colorants/pigments from TKB Trading. Now is the time in this process to put on a dust mask. You will be measuring out a bunch of different powders that can easily become airborne.

Measure out 0.02 grams of Extender White (buy it here) into four weigh boats. **each individual weigh boat will get 0.02 grams of Extender White.

Measure 1.25 grams of CSMAX Sericite into each weigh boat. (Buy it HERE).

Measure 0.5 grams of Magnesium Stearate into each weigh boat. (Buy it here).

Finally, measure out 0.25 grams of Silica Microspheres into each weigh boat. (Buy it here).

 You need 0.05 grams of Pearl White colorant. I really love the way this blend gives a subtle glow to the skin.

 You need 0.3 grams of Ultramarine Pink colorant.

 You need 0.05 grams of Ultramarine Blue. This particular colorant is very potent and a little is all you need.

You need 0.05 grams of Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green. You can buy all these colorants at TKB Trading HERE.

Now you need to grind the base and the colorants together. I like to use a small powdered grinder like the one in the photo. I bought this on on Amazon for less than $20.

You will add the base and the colorant into the grinder cup and grind for about one minute.
You will have gorgeous pastel hues for each powder. An important tip, is to brush out your grinder cup with a dry paint brush between each color.

Now that you have your four individual tinted powders, you have to add in the emollient and anti-microbial.

I used triglyceride (you can substitute fractionated coconut oil) and phenoxyethanol-SA.

Use 6 drops of triglyceride from a pipette and 2 drops of the phenoxyethanol-SA per color.

Drop the emollient and preservative onto the powder and using a mortar and pestle, grind the powder until well incorporated.

Wipe out the bowl after each color.

You will need a powder tin, pressing tool and compact. You can order these from TKB Trading.

I used a funnel to help keep the individual colors orderly in the powder tin. I used 1/8 teaspoon measure of powder each time.
Start with one of the four colors and rotate through each of the colors to fill up the pan. This will be your first layer. You will be pressing a total of two layers.

Just keep going in a circle and finish in the middle with the powders.

It is now time to do the first pressing. Place the pressing tile over the powder and use the pressing tool to firmly press the powders down.

The firmer the press and the more pressure you apply, the better the results.

You will have the first pressed layer. Now it is time to go back over the same colors with another 1/8 teaspoon amount per section. Try to stay in the same color arrangement.

Fill the pan up one more time before pressing.

All filled up and ready for the final pressing.

Apply firm and even pressure to the powder.

You may have a few cracks, just place the pressing plate over the powder and press again with firm pressure.

Place the pan into the compact. Sometimes you need to apply a piece of double sided tape or a few drops of glue to keep the pan in place.

FOR BEST RESULTS:  Do not swirl your brush into the powder or your may swirl the top layer of  colors together. Press the side of your powder brush onto the powder and dust lightly over your face.