DIY Fall Lipstick Trio

The most expensive lipstick I have ever come across was at Nordstrom. They sell a $90 lipstick by shoe designer Christian Louboutin. The packaging is stunning and the formula glides on and leaves your lips feeling sensual.......and your pocketbook lighter.

I have nothing against this particular and very expensive lipstick, I just chuckle a little because I also know how to make lipstick that is stunning and will leave your lips feeling silky and looking gorgeous. I just made three amazing shades for Fall.

I call this shade "Irresistible". It is light and sheer.

This shade is called "Carnival" and is a deep orange/brown shade.

This shade is called "Borscht" and is a purple/mauve shade.

You will need the following ingredients to make the base for three lipsticks.

3 grams Castor Oil
3 grams Argan Oil
0.6 grams Cocoa Butter
0.7 grams Ceresine Wax
1.1 grams Cera Bellina (or beeswax)
0.4 grams Brassica Glycerides
1 gram predispersed white pigment (titanium dioxide in castor oil)

Add the ingredients into a heat-safe glass beaker and place the beaker into a pot with a few inches of simmering water until melted.

You will need a lipstick mold and some empty lipstick tubes. I get mine at

For the Borscht shade, you will need 1 gram of Ember pigment from

For the Irresistible shade, you will need 0.75 grams of TKB Aurora pigment and 0.25 grams of TKB Honey Mica.

For the Carnival shade, you will need 0.5 grams of TKB Colorona Russet and 0.5 grams of TKB Shimmer Tangerine Pop pigment.

Prep the lipstick mold by rubbing a tiny amount of argan oil into the cavities.

Working with one shade at a time, pour 1/3 of the melted base into a small glass beaker and add in the pigments. Place the beaker back into the simmering water and stir the pigment into the melted base until smooth and well blended. Carefully pour the hot melted liquid into one of the cavities of the mold. Wipe out your glass beaker and repeat the process with the remaining two shades.

I suggest you watch this video from TKB trading on how to unmold your lipsticks.

 Three gorgeous shades that rival any department store brand!!!!

My formula is highly pigmented, nourishing, long-lasting and is clean from harsh chemicals or dyes.