Cream Eye Polish

Ready to whip up some eye-catching magic in your kitchen? Here's a DIY concoction for trio of eye polishes that are as radiant as a unicorn's glow and as colorful as a peacock's tail. Remember, these babies pack a punch, so a teeny bit is all you need. Slap on these creamy delights to make your peepers shimmer like a disco ball at a 70's party.

Measure out the following ingredients to make three eye polishes.

6 grams Coconut Oil
6 grams Cera Bellina or Beeswax
1.5 grams Jojoba Oil
0.6 grams Cocoa Butter
0.25 grams Silica Microspheres

 Add these ingredients into a double boiler and melt over low heat.

I used 0.5 grams of Oriental Beige mineral pigment, 0.5 grams of Winter Rose mineral pigment and 0.35 grams of Smokey XXX mineral pigments. I bought these from TKB Trading. These are perfect for Fall. You can choose any colors that you want.

You will need small 5 ml containers. I used these great little glass pots, but you can choose metal tins if you have them.

Add the mineral pigments into the little containers.

Working carefully with one color at a time, pour 1/3 (approx 5 grams) of the hot melted base over the mineral pigment and stir quickly to disperse the color. Allow to cool. Repeat with the remaining two colors.

Allow to cool completely at room temp.

 Here they are applied to my arm. Very shear. Very beautiful!

For best results, apply to clean and dry eyelids. I use a clean brush to pick up some product and massage it into my eye lids. You will have a subtle and beautiful wash of color. If you apply to much product, it will most likely crease after a few hours. Simply use a clean ring finger to massage in the creased area. These are different from traditional dry shadows and are meant to be used sparingly to impart a soft wash of color.