Tinted Face Oil

There is a really wonderful tinted face oil by Kosas Cosmetics that is basically a combination of various carrier oils, some pigments, mica, clay and other botanical extracts. The reviews of this product have been super positive and I have watched a few video reviews. I am impressed and just had to make my own version. Success! I am in love with this super cushioning and moisturizing foundation. It is light coverage and just three drops was enough to do my entire face.

One of the ingredients I used is Thickening Clay from TKB Trading. You can shop HERE.  It is a special clay that when used at about 3% of the formula, it helps keep the other oils and pigments suspended evenly and prevents them from sinking and separating.

Start with the following oils:

6 grams Triglyceride
4.5 grams Jojoba Oil (I like to buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs) (Shop HERE)
1 gram Squalane
1 gram Hazelnut Oil (Mountain Rose Herbs has a great one) (Shop HERE)
0.15 grams of Vitamin E Oil (Shop HERE)
0.15 grams Argan Oil (Shop HERE)

Add these oils into a small glass beaker.

Measure out the following ingredients:

0.45 grans TKB Trading Thickening Clay
1.5 grams Sericite Mica
1.5 grams Silica Microspheres

You will need to add the Thickening Clay into the carrier oils and blend with a stick blender until fully blended.

You have to use a stick blender for best results because just stirring with a spoon will not work that well!

I bought this little hand held blender for about $15 from Amazon and it works amazing at making different cosmetic formulas.

After blending, it will look similar as the photo above.

Add in the mica and silica.

Blend for about one minute.

Time to add in the pigments to color match your skin tone. I like to use the pre-dispersed pigments in castor oil instead of using the iron oxides. It is just easier and I don't have to make a color grind. I have a few other posts showing how to use these pigments to make YOUR color. Find them HERE and HERE. I ordered these from TKB Trading.

I started with white, a few drops of yellow and a couple drops of brown.

I blended it for about 30 seconds and it was just a little bit too light.

I added just a tiny (half-drop) of brown and red. You really have to go slow with the pigments. It is easier to add little by little because you can't take pigments out.

Pretty close in the photo above. Still a little too yellow so a tiny drop of brown and red should help.

Success! It matches the way I like.

Place the tinted face oil into a 15 ml glass dropper bottle.

Here it is swatched on my arm in natural sunlight. This is just two drops.

Here it is blended out. Pretty good match!

Just three to four drops is plenty to cover your entire face.