Charisma Cream Blush

One blush that has captured my heart is the iconic NARS Orgasm, a captivating dance of pinky-peach kissed with a delicate hint of gold shimmer. Succumbing to the allure of its perfect hue, I embarked on a mission to craft my own homage to this beloved shade. 

Choosing a cream base to capture its luscious texture, I've also ensured it doubles as a divine lip gloss. The result? A versatile beauty wonder I've lovingly christened 'Charisma.' Immerse yourself in its enchanting allure!

I got a free sample card of the NARS blush from Sephora so I was able to color match with my pigments and mica powders. The best place to shop for pigments and colorants is TKB Trading.

I settled on a few colors which were almost spot on when mixed together.

For the colorant base you will need:

0.63 grams of TKB Extender White
0.55 grams of TKB Shimmer Raspberry Pop
0.40 grams of TKB Garnet
0.40 grams of Red Basics

For the cream blush base you will need:

4 grams white beeswax
3 grams refined Shea butter
4 grams squalane olive oil

Melt the beeswax, shea butter and squalane in a small glass dish that is in a few inches of simmering water until melted.

Add in the colorants and stir and smooth until the pigments are fully incorporated in the melted base. Takes about 4 minutes.

So beautiful when combined.

My recipe made enough to fill two 7 ml glass pots. I like to keep one and give one away to a friend.

NARS is on the left and my dupe version is on the right. Mine is a cream formula and is very sheer and beautiful. I really love how this beauty recipe turned out!!!!

****NARS is a trademark of Shiseido Americas Corporation.