Azalea Concentrated Luminizing Drops

My formula for  Azalea Concentrated Luminizing Drops yields a super lightweight highlighter that will diffuse light and give your skin a radiant glow. You can use it alone or add a few drops to your foundation or body moisturizer.

Azalea Concentrated Luminizing Drops
makes 15 ml

Dry base ingredients:
0.5 grams Thickening Clay (find it here)
0.2 grams Moon Light (find it here)
0.2 grams Aurora (find it here)
0.15 grams Hilite Violet (find it here)
0.15 grams Indigo Shift (find it here)
0.8 grams White Sericite Mica (find it here)

13.5 grams Clear Jojoba Oil (find it here)
3 drops Lavender essential oil (optional)

The thickening clay is something new from TKB Trading and helps keep the colorants suspended in the oil. I like to use White Sericite Mica over the standard mica because it is more white.

I love the combination of these three powders from TKB. I also added in some Hilite Violet (not shown). You can use just the TKB Aurora or the Moon light and make a beautiful batch of drops. Just make sure it comes to about 0.7 grams of pigment. 

When I make formulas that have such little bits of each ingredient, I prefer to weigh out the ingredients to be precise. Sometimes the tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and drop spoons are fine too.

Once you have your dry ingredients measured out, you are ready to combine them. Grab a dust mask because you don't want to breath in the dust that will get in the air when you mix them together.

I like to pass all the dry ingredients though a fine mesh strainer to make sure I get all the lumps out.

Once you have your powders mixed in one container, add the essential oil to your jojoba oil. Slowly stir the oil into the powder a wee bit at a time. You will need to mix until all the pigments are fully incorporated into the oil in a smooth slurry.

 My goodness! This is such a beautiful color!!! Swoon!!!

I ordered a few of these adorable Romeo Glass  Dropper Bottles from TKB Trading. You can order here. 

Pour the mixture into the dropper bottle and you are ready to rock and roll!

The luminizing drops on my hand. One drop is all it takes.