Sake Treatment Toner with Green Tea and Chamomile

 Ladies and gents, gather 'round, I've got the scoop on the latest beauty fad! Remember when wearing a cloth mask meant you were either a superhero or about to rob a bank? Well, it's 2021 and now it means you're just super into skincare!

These one-time-use, treatment-infused cloth facial masks are sprouting up faster than pimples on a teenager. You slap one on your mug for about 20 to 30 minutes, and voila! You've got skin that's rejuvenated, hydrated, and softer than a baby's bottom. 

But hold onto your wallets, folks, because these suckers can cost more than a fancy dinner! I've seen some with price tags that could make a diamond blush - $20 a pop! 

A few weeks ago, I was moseying around the mall and a sales associate at a beauty counter lured me in with the promise of a free sample of their super ritzy cloth facial mask. Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch... or mask, in this case?

I purchased the witch hazel and the vegetable glycerine from Mountain Rose Herbs. I like witch hazel because it is so good for the skin and it helps to reduce the alcohol ratio from the sake.  Vegetable glycerine is added in a small amount to moisturize the skin.

I like Gaia Herbs and Herb Pharm for tinctures. Mountain Rose Herbs also has a very nice selection of tinctures and extracts.

Sake Treatment Toner with Green Tea and Chamomile
makes 4 ounces

70 ml Premium Japanese Sake
30 ml Mountain Rose Herbs Witch Hazel Extract
1/2 teaspoon Mountain Rose Herbs Vegetable Glycerine
1/4 teaspoon Green Tea Leaf Tincture
1/4 teaspoon Chinese Ginseng Tincture
1/4 teaspoon Chamomile Tincture

Place a sanitized funnel into a 4 ounce amber glass bottle. Add all ingredients into the bottle. Cap and shake well.  Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and massage onto cleansed skin. For external use only. Use toner within six weeks. Store in a cool dark place.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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