Lavender & Calendula Lotion Bars

Fresh-Picked Beauty's Lavender & Calendula Lotion Bars
I created this recipe a few months ago using my handcrafted calendula oil, beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter and pure lavender essential oil.  I used a lavender bar shaped soap mold and the bars turned out so adorable and just the right size.

Calendula oil is super easy to make and is good for a lot of different natural beauty products. Click HERE to be taken to a tutorial on how to make it.

You can find these soap molds online and at a few stores that sell soap making supplies.  I love the lavender bar mold so much.  I have a bumble bee mold as well. They cost around $8 each and you can use them over and over!

I buy my beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs in convenient pastilles that makes measuring out the beeswax super easy. You can find beeswax in pastilles and small bars HERE.  You can purchase lavender essential oil from Mountain Rose Herbs too. Heck, while you there, pick up some cocoa butter wafers and mango butter (wink wink)!

photo credit: Mountain Rose Herbs
 Head over to Mountain Rose Herbs (Click HERE) for the finest Certified Organic Mango Butter!!! 

"Now certified organic! Expeller pressed and refined from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, this highly prized butter is an exceptional quality base ingredient for body care products and soap making recipes. Mango butter has a composition resembling Shea and Cocoa, with a slightly different fatty acid content. Mango butter smells slightly sweet and fatty in its natural form; the refined butter that we offer smells very mild, lending itself well to incorporation within cosmetic and body care creations.

It generally has a rich creamy color and is hard at room temperature. Mango butter has natural emollient properties; it has traditionally been used in the rain forest and tropics for its moisturizing and smoothing properties. Mango butter is a great source of essential fatty acids, and has beneficial moisturizing properties for lotions and acts as a mild lubricant for the skin." -From the Mountain Rose Herbs website

Lavender & Calendula Lotion Bars

5 ounces Mountain Rose Herbs Beeswax Pastilles
3 ounces Mountain Rose Herbs Cocoa Butter Wafers
3 ounces Mountain Rose Herbs Mango Butter
5 ounces Calendula infused carrier oil (**or any regular carrier oil of your choice)
75 drops Mountain Rose Herbs Lavender Essential Oil

Add the beeswax pastilles, cocoa butter wafers, mango butter and calendula infused carrier oil into  a glass measuring cup, placed in a simmering water bath. Occasionally stir ingredients until melted. Remove from heat and stir in the essential oil. Carefully pour the hot mixture into the cavities of your silicone or soap mold. Allow to harden to room temperature. Pop out the lotion bars and store in tin, metal, or glass containers at room temperature.

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