Betwixt Perfume

About six weeks ago I started working on a perfume blend and really had no idea what it would end up being.  This happens to me a lot! I pull out my box of perfumers absolutes and essential oils and start mixing a drop of this with a drop of that and then let it ripen for six weeks (or longer when I forget about it).  Today, I pulled out my tiny little vial of blended absolutes and essential oils (I only make about 1 ml of undiluted perfume to start).  I was amazed at how beautiful my blend turned out.  I call it "Betwixt" because it is between a sweet citrus and a sharp floral with hints of dry spice.  I diluted it with 9 ml of fractionated coconut oil and have been smelling my wrist all morning.

I never quite know what is going to end up in my blends.  For this particular perfume I used the following:

Top Notes: Petitgrain sur Fleurs, Red Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn and Black Peppercorn

Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Neroli, Orange Blossom Absolute and Jasmine Absolute

Base Note: Vanilla Bourbon Absolute

I usually blend in a small 2 ml dark amber vial or the actual perfume bottle to start out with.  After the blend has remained still for six weeks and has had a chance to ripen, I then dilute it in a small 10 ml perfume roller bottle.

Sometimes I like to dilute my blend with 190 proof ethanol that I get from Oregon once a year, but lately I have diluting most of my blends with either fractionated coconut oil with is odorless and colorless and has a really long shelf-life, or I use clear Jojoba oil.  I think the perfume stays on longer in the presence of a moisturizing oil.

When you are ready to start blending, you should use a pipette for best control.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers some really wonderful precious absolutes and essential oils that are worth checking out.  You can visit them HERE.

I like Eden Botanicals for most of my perfume making absolutes and CO2 extracts.  You can visit them at

Here is the recipe for my Betwixt Perfume:

10 drops Petitgrain Sur Fleurs
5 drops Red Mandarin essential oil
5 drops Osmanthus
5 drops Neroli essential oil
5 drops Orange Blossom Absolute
2 drops Jasmine Absolute
3 drops Vanilla Absolute
2 drops Pink Peppercorn
1 drop Black Peppercorn

Using separate pipettes for each extract, measure into a small perfume bottle and tightly cap.  Allow the blend to ripen for at least 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks.

After the blend has ripened up, fill the bottle with 9 ml of either perfumer's alcohol, fractionated coconut oil or clear Jojoba oil.

Perfume making is a lot of fun and I sincerely wish you the best on your fragrant journey.