Rosemary-Mint Pure Perfume

Winter makes me tired! When it gets dark before 5 pm, I feel like donning my fuzzy pajamas, making a cup of hot herbal tea and reading my collection of Grimm Fairy Tales.  Ahhh, wishful thinking I guess. 

When I feel tuckered-out in the middle of the day I make a cup of honey infused Matcha tea and roll on my Rosemary-Mint Pure Perfume blend to wake me up.  The restorative and stimulating properties of rosemary essential oil blend beautifully with the warm and spicy-herbaceous minty aroma of spearmint essential oil.  I round out the blend with a bit happiness from sweet marjoram essential oil and some lovely  green softness from bergamot mint essential oil which traditionally is believed to be emotionally uplifting.  I also include the floral notes of lavender essential oil and the fresh minty notes of peppermint essential oil. 

I use 190 proof vodka in my recipe. I know this can be hard to come by or you may not want to use alcohol in your blend. You can substitute Jojoba oil if you like.  There is also Perfumer's Alcohol on the market which is basically a high-proof alcohol that has been denatured. 

Add 8 ml of alcohol to a small roller-ball perfume bottle.  Add in the following essential oils:

3 drops Bergamot Mint
6 drops Lavender
8 drops Sweet Marjoram
3 drops Peppermint
15 drops Rosemary
20 drops Spearmint

Place the roller ball and the cap on and shake well.  Allow the perfume to sit for several days (shaking daily) to harmonize.

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