Early 1920's Perfume & Cosmetics

My 1920's vintage bottle of Ho-Ro-Co Heliotrope Perfume
I adore and collect vintage perfumes and cosmetics.  I wanted to show you a few of my favorite items from my collection.  I have researched these items as much as I can, but have not learned very much about them.  If anyone reading this post knows more information about one of the items, please email me the info at freshpickedbeauty@ymail.com so I can share it here.

Ho-Ro-Co MFG. CO. Perfumers, St. Louis MO. Helitrope Powdered Perfume:
As best as I can find, this was a popular brand of toiletries from the early 1920's.  My bottle still has about 1/3 of the powder left and it smells rather lovely.  Here is a picture of the front side......

The front side of the Ho-Ro-Co Heliotrope Perfume (circa 1920's)
I found an interesting ad from the August 4, 1926 newspaper called The Reading Eagle......

from The Reading Eagle Newspaper dated Wednesday, August 4, 1926
Even in today's standards, making up to $100 per week hocking toilet goods is pretty good.  I know several Avon Ladies who make much less than that!!!

A bottle of Felicia Extract Persian Lilac Perfume from the Vail Brothers, Philadelphia (circa 1920's)
I don't know much about this vintage souvenir perfume bottle, except that it has an Art Nouveau & Deco designed label,  is from the early or mid 1920's and manufactured by the Vail Brothers in Philadelphia. 

Vintage pot of rouge from Black and White® (circa 1920's)
The Black and White® company created a line of medicines and toilet preparations in the 1920's and was owned by Beauty Creations, Inc., Plough Chemical Company.  This little pot of "light" rough was sold for 25 cents back in the 1920's.  Women used to apply white face powder to make themselves look pale and would then apply red circles of rough to their cheeks.  Here is another article I found about the Black and White® rouge. 

Looks like Miss Vera Vance from Brooklyn, New York was just as crazy as all the other girls for the wonderful Black and White Beauty Creations back in March of 1923 when this ad was published. 

The back side of the Black and White pot of rough. It is hard to see but the sticker at the top states of price is only 25 cents.

This is what the pot of rough looks like when closed.