Camelina Oil (Camelina sativa)

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Considered by many in the US as a weed, it was known as the "gold of pleasure" to Europeans not to long ago, and still sold and marketed under this name in some parts of the world. Camelina is a small annual shrub with small pale yellow or greenish yellow flowers. It is also known as Camelina sativa, Gold of Pleasure, False flax, wild flax oil, Leindotter, Siberian Oilseed, linseed dodder.  It was originally thought to be first cultivated in Neolithic times, and by the Iron Age it was used as an oil producing plant. It was grown for oil in the Mediterranean at least 2000 years ago, as well as in parts of Southeastern Russia.

Nowadays, it is grown in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as in the flax growing regions of the upper-Midwest United States. It is referred to as false flax because it is often found growing in flax fields. Traditionally it was used for oil in lamps, and as feed for livestock. Recently, it has been looked at for its viability as a bio fuel alternative to corn and as a nutritional supplement for farm and domesticated animals.

The parts used are typically the seeds which are pressed into the oil.  The rest can be used as feed for livestock.  It is often used as an ingredient in body care recipes.  Rich in natural antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, tocopherols, and high in vitamin E content; Camelina oil is truly under appreciated. Due to a high content of essential fatty acids, it is wonderful for all types of skin, acting as an anti-aging and emollient agent to improve the skins elasticity and suppleness. Camelina oil also has incredibly high in both alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid contents, and proportions this large are more typically found in linseed oil and fish oil. Camelina oil is reputed to have wonderful benefits for dogs, promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat.

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Camelina Seed oil is very similar to Flax in appearance and properties but it has a much more stable shelf life and is not prone to rancidity.

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