All-Natural Bug Repellent (Formula #2)

I recently tweaked the formula for the All-Natural Bug Repellent based on the research I did on the formulas of a few other all-natural brands.  This new formula works just as well and I made eight bottles for my family and friends.  Enjoy!!!

This recipe will make enough to fill eight 4-ounce bottles

The main part of the formula that changed is the essential oil blend.  I looked at what a few companies added to their formulas and decided to base my recipe on theirs.  I ended up with 6.5% Citronella, 1.7% Peppermint, 1.5% Cedarwood Virginia, 1% Eucalyptus, 1% Litsea Cubeba, 1% Lemongrass and 0.2% Geranium.  I tested it out and the mosquitoes would buzz close to me, but did not land on me.  I did not get one single bite that night.

I had this huge batch of handcrafted Catnip tincture sitting in my pantry that I used along with some Witch Hazel Extract. 

I simply blended 225 ml of Catnip Tincture and 175 ml of Witch Hazel Extract in a large glass measuring cup.

Next, I measured out the essential oils into a glass beaker.

I lined up eight sanitized 4-ounce amber bottles and added in 7.5 ml of the essential oil blend to each bottle.

I then added 50 ml of the Catnip/Witch Hazel Extract blend to each bottle.

Add the spray attachment to each bottle and you are ready to apply a label.

You can print out these labels or make your own.

Here you have it! Enough bottles to share with family and friends.  Just make sure you shake the bottle very well before applying the repellent and be aware if you spray it on your clothes, they may get stained.

All-Natural Bug Repellent (Formula #2)

225 ml Catnip Tincture (click here to learn how to make tinctures)
175 ml Witch Hazel Extract
30 ml Citronella Essential Oil
8 ml Peppermint Essential Oil
7 ml Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil
5 ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil
5 ml Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil
5 ml Lemongrass Essential Oil
1 ml Geranium Essential Oil

Measure out the Catnip Tincture and Witch Hazel Extract in a glass measuring cup.  Blend all the essential oils in another small glass measuring beaker or cup.  In each 4-ounce dark glass bottle, measure in 7.5 ml of the essential oil blend.  Pour 50 ml of the Catnip Tincture/Witch Hazel blend into each bottle.  Place the spray attachment fitting into each bottle and apply a label.  Use within 1 year. No refrigeration is needed.

Want to make a single 4-ounce bottle just for yourself? You will add 28 ml of Catnip Tincture, 22 ml of Witch Hazel Extract, 3.75 ml Citronella Essential Oil, 1 ml Peppermint Essential Oil, 18 drops Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil, 12 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 12 drops Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil, 12 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil and 3 drops of Geranium to a 4-ounce bottle.  

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