Balm's Away! A DIY Guide to Whipping Up a Sandalwood Beard Balm

 Sandalwood Beard Balm

Step right up, stubble-studded gents! Time to whip up a DIY Sandalwood Beard Balm in your very own kitchen - no culinary degree required. This magic potion is packed with glycerine, guaranteed to hydrate your face like a tropical rainstorm. Poof! Your stubble turns from prickly cacti to soft cashmere. The piece de resistance? Pure sandalwood essential oil. It smells so darn good, your nose will think it's at a woodland spa. Making natural skincare never smelled so manly!

Start with 80 grams of distilled water and 4 grams of vegetable glycerine. Add both of these into a glass beaker. Place the glass beaker into a pot of simmering water. 

You will need 5 grams of CreamMaker® BLEND from Making Cosmetics at This ingredient is what allows your water phase and your oil phase to stay emulsified. Add it into your glass beaker with your water and glycerine. 

You need 10 grams of Jojoba oil and 5 grams of shea butter.  Add them into a separate glass beaker and place into the simmering water bath. Bring both phases up to 160 degrees. 

You absolutely need to have a good preservative to add into your beard balm.  For this amount, you will need 1.5 grams of phenoxyethanol-SA and 3 grams of AMTicide Coconut.  You can find both of these at

You also need 20 drops of pure Sandalwood essential oil.  

Once both phases reach 160 degrees, carefully bring the glass beakers out of the water bath. You will need a thermometer and a sanitized blending stick.  

Add the oil phase into the water phase. 

Blend with eht mixer to cool and thicken up the beard balm.  You want to bring it down to 100 degrees F and then add in both the preservatives and essential oil. 

Once the balm cools to about 100 degrees F it will be thicker. Add it into a lotion container or any sanitized container you like.  Use within two months for best results.