Licorice Root Cautions

Licorice Root, an immune-supporting antiviral powerhouse, is my go-to herbal remedy. Its soothing qualities can relieve coughs and clear phlegm, while also treating stomach issues. I prefer it in a potent tincture form, complemented by other herbs. 

However, with great potency comes a need for caution. Licorice Root's effects can linger in your blood for up to 72 hours. Consequently, a careful regimen is essential: five days on, then two days off, for no more than four weeks. Subsequently, a two-week break is mandatory.

Prolonged use could lead to potassium loss, bloating, muscle weakness, and high blood pressure, with potentially severe implications for those with pre-existing high blood pressure or congestive heart disease. 

Remember, the 'natural' label doesn't imply limitless use. Some herbs require careful handling to ensure safety and health. Be aware, be smart, and enjoy the benefits of these powerful natural remedies.