Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Experience the bliss of a tropical spa at home with just three simple ingredients! My handcrafted Coconut Milk Bath Soak not only deeply moisturizes your skin, but also indulges your senses with its divine scent. Crafted from purifying baking soda, nourishing coconut milk powder, and intoxicating vanilla absolute, it's a sensory delight. Multiply the recipe to create luxurious holiday gifts for your loved ones!

 Start with a cup of pure baking soda.

Measure out a 1/2 cup of coconut milk powder. You can find this at most well-stocked grocery stores near the baking supplies and powdered milk. 

Ten drops of Vanilla Absolute will make this recipe smell incredibly delicious. You CAN NOT substitute vanilla extract that you bake with since it contains water and will cause your product to mold. This is an optional ingredient; if you choose to skip it, your bath soak will still smell like delicious coconut from powdered coconut milk. 

Add both the coconut milk and the baking soda into a food processor and drop in the vanilla absolute. Pulse about 12 times to break up any lumps and combine the ingredients. 

 You will have a smooth powder. 

One trick I learned when making bath powders is to add one of these humidity adsorbent packs in bottles of supplements and vitamins. I always save them after I finish my vitamins to use in my handcrafted skincare. If you have an extra one, toss it into the bath soak container. This will help prevent moisture build-up in your jar and product.

 If you don't have an extra adsorbent pack, just make sure you choose a container with a tight fitting lid. 

I like to use a glass canning jar. Add a generous scoop to your warm bath water and swirl the water with your hand to incorporate. 

Be careful when getting out of the bath, as the moisturizing oils from the coconut milk can make the bath surface a bit slippery.