Nourishing Body Lotion

Here is an easy recipe for a rich, hydrating, and extra-nourishing body lotion. It will soothe and protect dry skin. It is non-sticky and loaded with hydrating rose water, glycerine, moisturizing coconut oil, and extra-rich kokum butter.

Start with 78 grams of rosewater and 3.5 grams of vegetable glycerine. Add both of these into a glass beaker. Place the glass beaker into a pot of simmering water.

You will also need 5 grams of CreamMaker Mix from Making Cosmetics.  This ingredient is what allows your water phase and your oil phase to stay emulsified.

You need 7 grams of coconut oil and 6 grams of kokum butter. You can easily substitute the kokum butter for shea butter or mango butter.

Add these ingredients into a glass beaker and place the beaker into the simmering water bath.

Bring both phases up to 160 degrees.

You absolutely NEED to have a good preservative to add into your lotion. For 100 grams of lotion, you will need 1 grams of phenoxyethanol-SA and 2 grams of AMTicide Coconut. You can learn about both of these HERE and HERE.

I also LOVE this beautiful essential oil blend by AuraCacia. You can add up to 20 drops to your lotion. You could also choose to add in 20 drops of lavender essential oil or sweet orange essential oil or even sandalwood essential oil.

Once both phases reach 160 degrees, bring the beakers out of the water bath. You will need a thermometer and a blending stick.

Add the oil phase into the water phase.

Blend with the mixer to cool and thicken. You want to bring it down to 100 degrees F and then add in the two preservatives and essential oil drops.

Once the cream cools to about 100 degrees F, it will be thick.

20 drops of essential oil is just enough to lightly scent the lotion.

I like using dark amber bottles with a squeeze top for the lotion. I'm not particularly eager to use jars or pots because the cream gets exposed to air and germs when you open the lid and use your fingers to get the product out.

See how creamy and thick the lotion turned out! You will love this lotion so much! Use within 2 months for best results.