DIY Mega-Watt Highlighter and Pop Blush

I recently purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm face palette in Lightgasm. It is beautiful and it rocked my world!

I was inspired to create my own mega-watt shades in a blush and highlighter.

I did not want to color match exactly, but I did want to be inspired by the Glowgasm palette while creating my own DIY version. I got out all my colorants and had some mega fun coming up with the perfect shades.

I decided to create the gorgeous highlighter shade first. I get most of my pigments and colorants from TKB Trading.

I used the following:

2 grams Light Translucent
1 gram Apricot
0.2 grams Oriental Beige
0.5 grams Cinnamon Sugar

Add the pigments into a small baggie and seal. Gently massage the colors together until well blended.

Add in 0.2 grams of my recipe for Ultimate Pressed Eyeshadow Base. Recipe can be found HERE.

I added in a 2% addition of Leucidal Liquid PT (made for powdered formulas) along with about 1 ml of 190 proof Vodka. Stir until the mixture is like coarse sand.

Smooth into a metal pan of your choice. I used a 38 mm size.

I placed a textured piece of ribbon over the shadow and pressed it with a pressing tile and tool.

Here is the finished result. Very gorgeous!

Here it is swatched on my arm.

Here it in direct sunlight. Can't wait to use it on my face.

Moving onto the recipe for the Pop Blush...............

0.5 grams Foliage mineral pigment.

1.5 grams Medium Translucent

 0.1 grams Cancerian Heat. Gives the blush some crazy depth and pop.

 0.5 grams of Garnet

0.6 grams Jack mica/oxide.

Add all the mineral pigments into a small baggie, seal and gently massage to blend well.

Add in 0.2 grams of the Ultimate Pressed Eyeshadow Base (recipe HERE).

Massage again until fully blended.

Place in a small mixing container. Add in 2% addition of Leucidal Liquid PT (made for powdered formulas) or another preservative of your choice. If you use a different preservative, follow the suggested usage rate for that particular product. You don't want mold and fungus to grow in your powder.

I also added in 1 ml of 190 proof Vodka. Mix until it is the consistency of coarse sand.

 Spread into a metal pan. I used a 38 mm size.

You can add a piece of textured ribbon over the top of the product before you place the pressing tile on top. It gives it a nice texture.

Use a pressing gadget and firmly press the powder into the pan.

This is a super intensity and ultra-high pigmented blush. Holy Smokes!!!!

Here it is swatched on my arm. I can't wait to use it on my cheeks and blend it out.