Berry Rose Pressed Blush

I love this gorgeous berry-ish/rose-ish shade of pressed blush. It is going to look amazing on all skin tones! It will brighten up your cheeks and give you a healthy glow. Not glittery or shiny at all. This is a soft matte with just a bit of shimmering rose color.

Start with 0.40 grams of my Ultimate Pressed Eye Shadow Base (you can find the recipe and tutorial HERE). If you don't have my formula, there is a great pre-made pressing base sold by TKB Trading that you can find HERE.

I use this small grinder for mixing small amounts of powders and pigments. Iron oxides are somewhat challenging to blend by hand. Sometimes I use a coffee bean grinder for more significant amounts, but today I used this small grinder. You can purchase this on Amazon. Add the Ultimate Pressed Eye Shadow Base to the grinder cup. 

Add 0.15 grams of rice powder to the grinder cup.

Add in 1.0 gram of Extender White (a mixture of mica and titanium dioxide) to the grinder cup.

Add in 0.50 grams of red oxide (blue shade) to the grinder cup. Start the grinder and mix for a few minutes to fully mix the powders together.

Wear a dust mask to be on the safe side and not breath in any of the dust.

After you have mixed the powders together, transfer them to a small plastic bag.

Add 0.50 grams of TKB Trading Shimmer Raspberry Pop pigment to the baggie with the powder.

You can't grind the mica with the other powders because it is so fragile. You need to be gentle with mica powders.

Spend about 2 minutes massaging the bag to fully incorporate the powders with each other.

You will need 0.06 grams of Leucidal Liquid PT (made for powdered formulas) or another preservative of your choice. If you use a different preservative, follow that product's suggested usage rate. You don't want mold and fungus to grow in your powder. The company suggests that you spray the liquid over the powders and pigments. I use this tiny little spray bottle to mist the preservative over the powders and gently blend.

You will need 40 drops of Squalane or jojoba oil. Drop-by-drop, add it over the powder.

Drop-by-drop, add in 40 drops of 190 proof vodka (or 90% rubbing alcohol). Stir the powder until it resembles moist sand.

Spread out about 2/3rds of the mixture into a 38 mm square pan and gently even out.

You can place a piece of paper towel or ribbon over the powder, add the pressing tile over the ribbon and then press with the tamping gadget. You can find pans and pressing tiles/gadgets at TKB Trading. Shop HERE.

You will have a layer of pressed shadow in your pan. Evenly distribute the remaining amount of loose blush powder into the pan and press again.

Pay attention to make sure you get the powder into the corners.

Pressed for the second time.

Here the blush is swatched on my hand in natural sunlight.

Here is the blush blended out a bit in natural light.

I am wearing this gorgeous blush in the photo above. It is smooth and easy to blend.

Hope you enjoy this formula.