Neroli Sky Perfume Formula

rewrite the following text to make it more fancy. “The overture of this enchanting perfume is deep and complex with stirring notes of orange citrus and orange blossoms. You instantly experience a honeyed white floral aroma from the cold-pressed French Neroli essential oil. After a few moments you sense the penetratingly sweet and lush warm orange blossom absolute and the emerald and plummy deep floral characteristic of the Jasmine Sambac absolute. The dry down glories an unexpected and rich darkness of roasted coffee alongside a warm delicious richness from the vanilla bourbon CO2 that is anchored by a subtle tea-like airy whiff from the Jasmine CO2. 

I have created the feeling of strolling through an Italian citrus orchard while sipping a delectable vanilla espresso.  

I use mostly absolutes and CO2 extracts when formulating my perfumes. One great place to  shop for these ingredients is from Eden Botanicals (found HERE). They have a fantastic catalog of perfumery ingredients that will make you swoon! 

One trade secret to making perfume is to allow the concentrate to sit still for a few weeks before you dilute it with vodka or oil. I like to use 175 proof Vodka or clear jojoba oil. You can purchase Perfumers Alcohol that has been denatured but it is very expensive! Always mix your perfume in glass bottles since the absolutes and essential oils will ruin most plastic and synthetic containers. Many absolutes and CO2 extracts are tricky to work with since they are often semi-solid, waxy or solid at room temp. Eden Botanicals offers many tips on working with these precious materials.”

Neroli Sky Perfume Formula
makes 15 ml

20 drops Petitgrain Absolute
20 drops French Neroli Essential Oil
6 drops Orange Blossom Absolute
6 drops Petitgrain sur Fleurs Essential Oil
3 drops Jasmine CO2 Extract
3 drops Jasmine Sambac Absolute
3 drops Coffee Bean CO2 Extract
6 drops Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Extract

Place all the drops into a small dark amber glass bottle.  Allow the mixture to age for two to three weeks. Dilute with 175 Proof Vodka to make 15 ml. I like to use perfume roller bottles for the best application. You can also use a perfume spray bottle as well.