Vetiver and Patchouli Dry Shampoo

Hear ye, hear ye! Dispel the notion that dry shampoo is the exclusive domain of the fairer sex. Why, gentlemen too have taken a shining to this magical concoction and I have a recipe that's as robust as a lumberjack and as sophisticated as a duke! It's got that earthy vetiver and smoky patchouli essential oils that will have you smelling like an enchanted forest, which - let's be honest - is an olfactory delight any chap would love!

This isn't just any dry shampoo, oh no! It's like a valet service for your hair, cleaning and sprucing it up without so much as a drop of water. It's got ingredients that soak up the excess sebum like a thirsty camel, leaving your locks perked up and ready for action. And if you sport a mane of considerable length, prepare for an avalanche of volume that could rival a Shakespearian drama!

The fragrance, my good sirs, is a masterful blend of vetiver and patchouli. It's as if a distinguished gentleman took a brisk walk in an ancient forest - earthy, masculine, and downright irresistible.

Now, where might one procure these ingredients, you ask? Why, at Mountain Rose Herbs, of course! They've got the arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda, and essential oils that this formula requires. So, gents, are you ready to up your grooming game?

Vetiver and Patchouli Dry Shampoo
makes 9 hours

1/2 cup arrowroot powder
2 tablespoons kaolin clay
2 tablespoons baking soda
8 drops vetiver essential oil
5 drops patchouli essential oil

Place all the ingredients into a food processor and process until well combined. Transfer to a sifter or strainer and shake into a bowl. Transfer to a salt shaker.

To use: Sprinkle a teaspoon-sized amount into your hair. Use your fingers or brush to massage the powder though your hair from the scalp to the roots. Comb or brush your hair as usual into the style you like.

Make sure to sift the blended product to remove any lumps.