Organic Jojoba & Lavender Facial Serum

Another simple but highly effective do-it-yourself facial serum made with highly nourishing botanicals.  Organic Jojoba and Lavender Facial Serum is wonderful for blackhead prone skin types.  It takes just a few drops of this luxurious facial serum to soothe and protect your beautiful skin.  I like buying my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can find them HERE.

You need the following ingredients to make a 15 ml bottle of Organic Jojoba & Lavender Facial Serum.....

14 ml (2 3/4 teaspoons) Mountain Rose Herbs Jojoba Oil
"Jojoba oil comes from the beans of a shrub like plant, and it is actually a liquid plant wax. It is bright and golden in color, has a mild odor, and is favored in the carrier oil family because of its advanced molecular stability. It also makes a great scalp cleanser for the hair, and is equally wonderful for the skin because it has absorption properties that are similar to our skins own sebum. Jojoba oil may become cloudy and solidify as the temperature drops. This is a normal process that occurs from the hardening of the fats and waxes, and it will become stable at or around room temperature. Because Jojoba is not an oil but rather a wax, its shelf life and stability is considerably higher then most oils and rancidity is very rarely a concern."

20 drops Mountain Rose Herbs Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil
"Lavender oil is known for its skin healing properties and is an excellent essential oil for all skin types. Lavender essential oil imparts a very aromatic spirit to the serum that is relaxing and calming to the soul."

5 drops Mountain Rose Herbs Vitamin E Oil

DirectionsMix all the ingredients into a small 15 ml pump or dropper bottle.  I like to use Miron Violet Glass bottles for my facial serums.  Store away from light and heat. This product will last 6 months.  To use, apply a few drops to clean damp skin and massage in (avoid eye area).  You can also add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer if you like. 

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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