Coconut Cream Lotion

I have a super embarrassing confession to share....ready for it..? A few weeks ago I was at a water park having a blast with my kiddos.  After a few hours my skin started to dry out and feel really bad. Silly me, I forgot to bring lotion with me.  I knew that I needed something to moisturize my parched skin ASAP.   I looked over towards the snack shop and noticed little packets of mayonnaise.  Yes, I did what you are saying to yourself you hope I did not do.  I moisturized myself with mayonnaise packets! (I warned you this was embarrassing!). My skin felt instantly better, and no one seemed to notice that I smelled of sandwich condiment.

You know, a lotion is not much different than a packet of mayonnaise.  You have the water phase, the oil phase and the emulsifying phase.  Blended all together, the oil and water stay happily combined.  Which leads me to my point in all of this.  I have a super easy lotion recipe for you that smells like coconut and is light, creamy and ultra moisturizing for your entire body. 

For the oil phase you will need......(You can get all of this from Mountain Rose Herbs)

10 grams cocoa butter
20 grams coconut oil
3 grams stearic acid

For the water phase you will need.....
160 grams aloe vera gel

Place the aloe vera gel in one glass container and the oil phase ingredients into another glass container.  Sit in a simmering water bath and bring both containers up to 150 degrees. 

Pour the aloe vera gel into the oil phase and mix on medium speed until the mixture thickens and cools to 100 degrees. 

Mix in one tablespoon of organic coconut extract for a delicious coconut aroma. 

To naturally preserve the lotion, add in 5 grams of Leucidal Liquid and blend well. 

Sterilize a container and a funnel and pour the warm lotion into it. 

If you choose not to preserve your product, please remember to store it in the fridge and use within a few weeks. 


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