Tea Tree Foot Balm

Your tuckered out dry feet will love this ultra-rich 100% natural foot balm.  Inspired by a pricy product I found at a department store, my version uses all the same nourishing natural ingredients, however my recipe makes 4 ounces for less than $5 and the pricy one was $12 for a single ounce.  I tempered the shea butter to avoid any gritty crystallization in the final product.  If for some reason your foot balm develops a gritty texture, DO NOT FRET OR WORRY. The texture will become smooth once it melts into the skin. 

This foot balm is very helpful to soften rough heels and the tea tree essential oil is a natural deodorizer too. For extra softening power, wear under a pair of socks while sleeping.  Enjoy this recipe and Green Blessings.

Tea Tree Foot Balm
40 grams shea butter
20 grams sunflower oil
20 grams calendula infused oil
15 grams beeswax
10 grams jojoba oil
100 drops tea tree essential oil 

I like to use Mountain Rose Herbs Shea Butter. 
Measure out the shea butter into a glass measuring cup and place the measuring cup in a simmering water bath. Slowly bring the shea butter between 170 to 180 degrees F, and hold at that temp. for 20 minutes. The best way to do this is to use a thermometer and turn the heat up or down to maintain the 170 to 180 degrees.

Measure the sunflower oil, calendula infused oil (click here to learn how to make), jojoba oil and beeswax into another heat-safe cup.  After the shea butter has been heating for 10 minutes, add the cup with the oils and wax to the simmering water bath.  Allow it to melt and warm for the remaining 10 minutes.

After 20 minutes of holding the shea butter at the proper temp. and melting the beeswax and oils together, combine the two.

Add in the tea tree essential oil and stir to combine.

Carefully pour the hot oil into a 4-ounce container. Allow to cool in the fridge until solid.

Make a cute little label for  the jar.  I used stamps and ink. Enjoy!!!

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