Buckwheat Honey & Carob Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

This incredible all-over body scrub is literally good enough to eat.  Fashioned out of dark buckwheat honey (which I keep well stocked in my pantry for wintertime coughs), mineral rich carob powder and coconut sugar, this rich and decadent exfoliating scrub is an excellent treat for your entire body.  The best way to use this is pick a warm day and massage it all over your body, paying extra special attention to knees, elbows, hands and feet (places with dry skin).   I like to sit in the shower stall for 20 minutes with the water off and let the honey naturally moisturize my skin before I rinse it off in warm water.  My skin feel amazing and smooth.  The aroma of the delicious honey and carob powder is quite a treat for the senses! You are going to love this recipe.

You will need the following ingredients:

80 grams Buckwheat Honey
15 grams Carob Powder
20 grams Coconut Sugar
15 grams Glycerine

You can find the Buckwheat honey from your local Beekeeper and the other ingredients from a Natural Market. 
Place the Buckwheat honey in a small bowl.

Whisk in the Carob powder.

Add in the Coconut sugar.

Mix in the glycerine.

Mix everything together very well.  Makes enough for a single all-over-body application.  Should be used within a few days or the coconut sugar will start to soften.  Avoid getting it into your eyes and only use externally.....but give it a small taste if you like!!!