Citrus & Cedar Solid Perfume

Here is my latest solid perfume recipe.  Citrus & Cedar is a bright and happy mix of citrus top notes with a woodsy smidgen of Cedarwood Virginia for the base note.   I will refer you to my last solid perfume recipe for step-by-step instructions on making it.  Visit for my Patchouli Tangerine Solid Perfume tutorial.

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Citrus & Cedar Solid Perfume
15 ml of Jojoba Oil
25 drops Lemon Essential Oil
50 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
25 drops Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil
5 grams Beeswax

(For a pictorial walk-thru on making solid perfumes and container options, visit HERE)
Measure out the Jojoba Oil in a small shot glass.  Add in your essential oils and blend well.  This is your opportunity to test it out on your skin and determine if it needs more essential oils.  Place the beeswax in a small glass and heat in a water bath until melted.  Once melted, keep the melted container of beeswax in the hot water and remove the pan from the heat.  Pour your essential oil blend into the melted beeswax.  You will notice that the mixture will immediately start to solidify, but gently stir for a few seconds to remelt. Quickly and carefully, pour the melted perfume into your chosen container. Allow to harden. **Citrus oils may cause skin irritation and are phototoxic which means that you should avoid direct sunshine on the areas you apply the solid perfume!!

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