Nettle Leaf & Plantain Leaf Infused Oil

I am rather hooked on crafting my own infused oils.  I believe I might be drawn to the positive healing energy and vibrations that I sense while I work with medicinal plants and oils.  Tis’ the season for dry skin and I plan to formulate a healing salve with this batch of Nettle Leaf & Plantain Leaf Infused Macadamia Oil.  I chose the two healing herbs since Nettle Leaf is well-known to make an excellent treatment infused oil for stressed and sensitive skin.  Plantain infused oil offers relief to skin that is inflamed and is usually well tolerated by most skin types.  It is often incorporated into healing salves for swelling, scarring, bruises and bug bites.  Some folks swear by its anti-aging properties.  Macadamia Nut Oil is a priceless delight for the skin and has proven itself to be one of the best regenerative oils available. 

Weigh out 15 grams of both dried Nettle and dried Plantain leaf. Grind both in a spice grinder to form a fine powder. 

Place the powder in a sterilized glass canning jar. Add about 5 ounces of Macadamia Oil to cover to top of the herb powder. 

Use a clean wooden stick to swirl the air bubbles out of the mixture. Any trapped air can very likely cause your oil to turn rancid quickly. 

Tightly cap with the lid and give a gentle shake.  Label a paper bag with the date you crafted the oil, the ingredients and the date it will be ready (usually 2 weeks later).

 If it is during the cooler time of the year, place the oil in the bag and over a heater vent (not near a heat source that will catch fire to the bag!). If it is during the warmer part of the year, place the oil in the bag and in a window that receives warm sunshine.  Gently shake your oil a few times per day. You can infuse your oil for longer than two weeks if you like. When you are ready, strain the herb away from the oil and bottle the oil in an amber colored bottle(s). Massage into your skin or incorporate it into beauty recipes such as lotions and salves. 

You can find all the ingredients for making this wonderful plant infused oil over at Mountain Rose Herbs!

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